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My name is... Hey, little Musician
Artist is... Myeongju Kwak
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Music picture book for children learning musical instruments for the first time
Hello, Little Musician

The story of ten world-class jazz classical musicians
Music picture book `` Hello, Little Musician ''
Came back with more stories.

In addition to the cover that emphasizes Kwak Myung-ju's sensational painting, the newly revised version was newly created in three years.
When the musicians first met the instrument when they were younger, the story was added in letter form.
It is designed for children who are new to musical instruments to have dreams and courage.

In addition, reflecting the reader's desire to listen to the music of the musicians in the book
A description of the musical instrument was added to make it easier for children to reach.

A music picture book that dreams and encourages children who start musical instruments
There was a 'first' for a world-class musician!

Sarah Jang, a classical violinist who represents the world beyond Korea,
Keith Jarret, one of the best pianists in existence,
Jazz guitar player loved around the world …

Are they good at playing instruments since they were born?
They were by far the best in their field, but there was certainly a 'first'.
Sarah Zhang started to be interested in playing with her father's violin,
Genius piano player Keith Jarret was depressed when he found a difficult song.

Pat Mesni was immersed in a used guitar and practiced twenty hours a day.
It's no magic that they're good at playing instruments.

After a lot of practice and patience, I fell in love with the instrument.
Hello, Little Musician
The first meeting of musicians and instruments is performed by musicians in letter form.

The musicians in the book started out at about the same age as the children who read it.
But most children don't fall in love with musical instruments like these musicians,
Easily get tired or difficult to practice with the instrument.
Perhaps he had no idea why he should learn the instrument.

Hello, Little Musicians said to these children, 'It's not just about playing instruments,
It's one way to express and enjoy yourself. '
Music education does not begin with learning musical instruments,
It starts with a natural understanding of the language of music and the world of musicians.

Read the letters of the musicians with your children and listen to their music.
It will give your child a chance to have an attractive first meeting with music.


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